From eggnog to mathematics Pastors Message

Paster's Message January 2024

The last of the eggnog has been poured, the Christmas wrapping that was torn off in haste has been discarded into the recycle bin, and the Nativity characters have been carefully replaced in their boxes and put into storage until next year. Another year’s cycle is complete and it’s time to go back to normal life. This is a good time, if I may use a sports analogy, to break huddle and hit the field. I am giving you three questions you can use with your nonbelieving friends and neighbors to casually start a conversation. Plant the seed; let God take over from there. Have fun with it!

1. Where will you be in 100 years?
They may not answer you, but it’s a question that they themselves have pondered often. It’s also a question everyone must grapple with.

2. Mathematics. Did man invent it or discover it?
If they say discovered it, then the follow up question is, what higher power created it? If they say invented it, then ask if the area of a rectangle is still length times width on Mars.

3. If life came about through the random mixture of chemicals over millions of years, how do we explain the genetic code called DNA? Did randomness bring it together, then step aside to leave it alone once patterns were established in all life forms?
Blessings to you.

Pastor David
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