Pastors Message Encouragement

From the desk of Pastor David, April, 2023

Since the start of the new liturgical year in November, I have been very encouraged by what I see happening here at Grace. As Covid subsides, our attendance at our weekly worship service has been trending up. Former members are returning; new visitors are appearing. Our Sunday School program is gaining traction thanks to the hard work of Pat, Kelly, Marty, Nancy, Janice and Natalia. Nancy’s line dancing class on Thursday nights brings out huge crowds (and no small good will offerings). Special events such as “Chili Bingo” are drawing large crowds (thank you Candice and Jon). George has been working hard to get the choir back up and running on a regular basis. Rebecca Circle continues to love and serve. We have resumed using the building for public forums and voting. In other words, blood is flowing through our veins once again and we are letting the community know we are here to serve and to deliver God’s Good News to all who would receive it.

The year is not even half over and there is so much more to come, so much more work to do. I can’t say thank you enough to all of you for all the things you do, big and small, visible and hidden, to make this community what it is, a small but mighty band of sisters and brothers in the Lord. Please continue to share with the Vision Team and the Worship Team your ideas and suggestions that will help us continue to give glory and honor to God. In His name we pray.

Blessings to you all,  
Pastor David          

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