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Pastors Message Growing Grace
by Marla Roach on January 29th, 2024
Building Community          We definitely ended 2023 on a positive note. Our membership and attendance increased during the year, we recorded a positive cash flow, and we celebrated another season of very successful community outreach events. And even though funerals are never a happy event, per se, we celebrated many of our members who served Grace faithfully and went home to be with the Lord.We ...  Read More
Eileen Morris Memorial Service
by Marla Roach on January 10th, 2024
Our dear friend, Eileen Morris, passed away on Monday, January 8th.Please keep her family in your prayers.The Memorial Service will be held atGrace Lutheran Church of Lily LakeSaturday, January 13, 202410:00 am - 12:00 pm - Viewing open to the public12:00 pm - 1:30 pm - Memorial Service in the sanctuaryLunch in Fellowship Hall following the service(Private interment for family only)Well done good ...  Read More
From eggnog to mathematics Pastors Message
by Marla Roach on December 30th, 2023
The last of the eggnog has been poured, the Christmas wrapping that was torn off in haste has been discarded into the recycle bin, and the Nativity characters have been carefully replaced in their boxes and put into storage until next year. Another year’s cycle is complete and it’s time to go back to normal life. This is a good time, if I may use a sports analogy, to break huddle and hit the field...  Read More
A race to Christmas
by Marla Roach on November 30th, 2023
I am writing this letter not long after helping to take the dirty dishes off the Thanksgiving dinner table. And you know what that means. It’s a race to Christmas: Black Friday sales, discounts, deals, deals, deals! A few years back a famous radio evangelist bemoaned the fact that Madison Ave had co-opted Christmas, changed its name to a more generic “Holidays” so as not to offend non-Christians, ...  Read More
Pastors Message Encouragement
by Marla Roach on March 26th, 2023
Since the start of the new liturgical year in November, I have been very encouraged by what I see happening here at Grace. As Covid subsides, our attendance at our weekly worship service has been trending up. Former members are returning; new visitors are appearing. Our Sunday School program is gaining traction thanks to the hard work of Pat, Kelly, Marty, Nancy, Janice and Natalia. Nancy’s line d...  Read More