"You have been saved by

God's gift of grace in Christ; 

not your own doing."

(paraphrased Eph 2:8-9)



Since 1894, Grace Lutheran Church of Lily Lake has been a center of worship and making a difference in people’s lives. It is people growing together to make a difference with our lives, confident that Jesus is using us to be the people of God in this world. Grace has a long proud history of involvement in the community and world. Boy & Girl Scouts, Election Polling Site, and many other community groups utilize the building and property of Grace. We are also active and support in many community and worldwide ministries.  Grace welcomes you.


School is in recess until the fall! Look for possible summer events for the kids. Thank you to all the kids and teachers. 🍉🏖

👍 🥳 NO registration required. ALL ARE WELCOME! 😀 ✝️

If you wish to help plan summer events please contact Marty Bradley. Thank
                      you to all the kids and teachers.  Likely in fall, Sunday School for 3 through 13 year olds will resume every  1ST and 3RD SUNDAY at 9:30 am in the Grace Room.  Please prayerfully consider volunteering
and contact Marty Bradley for more information and to volunteer.
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From the desk of Pastor David,

      Summer is here! And it has come with a vengeance with temperatures hitting 98° already. That certainly gives us time to install our new boiler. (Now if our air conditioner would just stop acting up!) It’s interesting to see how many politicians, Hollywood types, and activists are sounding the alarm over climate change Armageddon. The governor of one mid-Atlantic state recently decried how her state had just experienced temperatures never before seen in her state when they reached 100 degrees. (???) Personally, I just attribute all the hype to the human predilection for sensationalism and negativity. Some people are just not happy unless the sky is falling.

As Christians, we have the “inside scoop” in that we know for certain two things. The first is that the earth is destined for destruction as described in 2 Peter 3:10. This destruction won’t come from climate change, natural disasters, or nuclear war. It will happen supernaturally because God has already declared it as part of his master plan of creation.

The second thing we know is that none of us will experience this cataclysmic disaster. All the saints both alive and dead up to that point will have already been taken up to heaven before the time of trial as a reward for our faith. But we still have our own crises to deal with before then, so grab a lemonade, enjoy the summer, and give thanks that your salvation is secure.

Blessings to you.
Pastor David

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